Audition Repertoire

Should you be offered an audition, we ask that you prepare three pieces of music. Please choose two pieces from the repertoire list below, and a third piece of your own choice. The own choice piece can be from any era of classical music and should ideally contrast with the pieces you have prepared from the set list. Common choices include art song, lieder, opera arias and unaccompanied folk song settings.

In the audition you will not have a prior rehearsal with the pianist, but you will have time at the beginning to discuss tempo, repeats, etc. All auditions are filmed for shortlisting purposes.

Bach – Quia respexit (from Magnificat in D)
Handel – Praise the Lord with cheerful voice (from Esther, 1st version)
Handel – Heart, the seat of soft delight (from Acis & Galatea)
Handel – My racking thoughts (from Semele)
Purcell – Hark! The echoing air (from Fairy Queen)

Alto (male or female)
Bach – Esurientes (from Magnificat in D)
Handel – O Lord whose mercies numberless (from Saul)
Handel – Hence, Iris, hence away (from Semele)
Vivaldi – Qui sedes (from Gloria in D)
Purcell – Music for a while (in F minor, Tippett & Bergmann arrangement)

Bach – Deposuit potentes (from Magnificat in D)
Handel – Birth and fortune I despise (from Saul)
Handel – Would you gain the tender creature (from Acis & Galatea)
Handel – Where’er you walk (from Semele, in Bb major)
Purcell – I’ll sail upon the dogstar

Bach – Quia fecit mihi magna (from Magnificat in D )
Handel – Arm, arm ye brave (from Judas Maccabeus)
Handel – How willing my paternal love (from Samson)
Handel – With pious hearts (from Judas Maccabeus)
Purcell – Arise, ye subterranean winds (in C major)

Audition Repertoire