Audition Repertoire

Should you be selected for audition, you will need to prepare two pieces (as well as a third, contrasting piece) from the list corresponding to your voice part below:

Bach – Quia respexit (from Magnificat in D)
Handel – Praise the Lord with cheerful voice (from Esther, 1st version)
Handel – Heart, the seat of soft delight (from Acis & Galatea)
Handel – My racking thoughts (from Semele)
Purcell – Hark! The echoing air (from Fairy Queen)

Alto (male or female)
Bach – Esurientes (from Magnificat in D)
Handel – O Lord whose mercies numberless (from Saul)
Handel – Hence, Iris, hence away (from Semele)
Vivaldi – Qui sedes (from Gloria in D)
Purcell – Music for a while (in F minor, Tippett & Bergmann arrangement)

Bach – Deposuit potentes (from Magnificat in D)
Handel – Birth and fortune I despise (from Saul)
Handel – Would you gain the tender creature (from Acis & Galatea)
Handel – Where’er you walk (from Semele, in Bb major)
Purcell – I’ll sail upon the dogstar

Bach – Quia fecit mihi magna (from Magnificat in D)
Handel – Arm, arm ye brave (from Judas Maccabeus)
Handel – How willing my paternal love (from Samson)
Handel – With pious hearts (from Judas Maccabeus)
Purcell – Arise, ye subterranean winds (in C major)

Audition Repertoire