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16 June 2018 7pm Kings Place Tickets: £19.40 - £49.50(Booking Fees Apply)

In this Renaissance sequence, we provide a reflection on the services of the Divine Office sung by a group of Benedictine monks. Through works by Spanish, Italian, Flemish and English composers, we reveal how the ancient monastic tone texts formed the basis of magnificent polyphonic creations, from the spacious elaborations of John Sheppard to the sensuous settings of Victoria, the ground-breaking writing of Palestrina to the Catholic Byrd’s intricate, contrapuntal style, culminating in Anerio’s eight-part Magnificat.

Please note that Vespers and Compline will be sung by a group of Benedictine monks on the Gallery Level (-1):
6pm Vespers (pre-concert); 8pm Compline (during the interval)


The Sixteen
Harry Christophers conductor


Victoria Salve Regina a5
Sheppard In manus tuas II
Byrd Oculi omnium in te sperant, Domine
Palestrina Ecce nunc benedicite Dominum
Lassus Lauda Jerusalem Dominum
Byrd O lux beata trinitas
Sheppard Libera nos I and II
Plainsong Salve Regina
Victoria Salve Regina a8
Sheppard In manus tuas I
Byrd Miserere mihi
Sheppard In pace
Lassus Lauda anima mea Dominum
Sheppard In manus tuas III
Plainsong Suscepit Deus
Anerio Magnificat a8

Part of Kings Place Time Unwrapped 


Renaissance music from The Sixteen