Reincarnations: London

13 January 2018 7.30pm Kings Place Tickets: £19.40 - £49.50(Booking Fees Apply)

As part of Kings Place award-winning Time Unwrapped series, we create a chamber of echoes in this fascinating sequence on ‘time past’. Monteverdi’s music is linked to the earlier polyphonic tradition that so influenced him, and is here interleaved with the Dante-inspired poetry of Seamus Heaney.

Monteverdi derived his striking Missa In illo tempore (Mass ‘At that time’) from a motet by Flemish maestro Nicolas Gombert, written a century earlier. Sensuous settings of the Song of Songs by the great Iberian composers Guerrero and Victoria will be woven through the Mass.

In his 1984 collection Station Island Irish poet Seamus Heaney questioned his place in a nation riven by the Troubles. It includes the poem ‘In illo tempore’, which considers the grammar and politics of a Mass service. Heaney takes us on a Dantean voyage, encountering ghosts from his past, just as Monteverdi recalled and transformed the ideas of his forebears.


The Sixteen
Harry Christophers conductor
Sean Campion narrator

Programme to include:

Monteverdi Missa In illo tempore
Gombert In illo tempore
Settings of the Song of Songs by Victoria and Guerrero
Seamus Heaney Selections from Station Island

Part of Kings Place Time Unwrapped

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