Henrietta Wayne


Henrietta WayneWhat do you do to relax in your spare time?
My allotment is my best form of relaxation. Nothing like a compost heap and digging some earth!

Where is the most unusual place you have performed?
A winery in the Barossa Valley. I never drink before a concert but there was no avoiding the fumes. Enthusiastic audience and great acoustic too!

Is there a piece you have fallen in love with since performing it with The Sixteen?
The challenge is NOT to fall out of love with Handel’s Messiah, and I have managed it. It still has a huge amount to engage with and surprise after all this time.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t a musician?
When I was little, I wanted to be a scientist. I think I have missed the boat now.

What would your ultimate desert island disc be?
Bach cantata, pick a number, almost any number!

What would you eat for your last supper?
Allotment beans and gooseberry fool.

And the obligatory question…What football team do you support?!
The correct answer is Arsenal isn’t it?