Sally Jackson


Sally JacksonWhat & where was your debut gig with The Sixteen?
About 1989, St John Passion, somewhere foreign.

What’s been a memorable Sixteen gig & why?
Playing at the Sydney Opera House and an amazing 2 week trip to Brazil, both a long time ago!

Whats your favourite Sixteen recording?
Alexander’s Feast and Israel in Egypt.

Where did you train/study?
Royal Academy of Music

What are your hobbies and interests?
Skiing, running, squash

What else do you do (professionally) when not playing with The Sixteen?
Freelance with other orchestras, mainly the OAE and the English Concert

What football team do you support?
Colchester United (OK, so it’s not Arsenal)

Please tell us a little about your instrument.
Like most wind players I have to have lots of instruments to cover 400 years of music.

The two I mainly play in the Sixteen are a copy of a Denner bassoon by Matthew Dart from around 1700 and a copy of a Prudent by Peter de Koningh from around 1750.  Both originals can be found in the Brussels Conservatory museum.