Simon Berridge


Simon Berridge tenor

What do you do to relax in your spare time?
Spend time with my two delightful children. Once in a blue moon, go fishing. I’ve just got a Kindle so I am reading a lot more lately.

If you could perform in any venue, what / where would it be?
Taj Mahal? Never been to India! I do have an idea that I would like to do the Choral Pilgrimage by car and towing my caravan.

Is there a piece you have fallen in love with since performing it with The Sixteen?
Sheppard’s Libera Nos.

What has been the most challenging piece of music you have ever performed?
Poulenc’s Figure humaine must be up there.

Does anyone in The Sixteen have any annoying or unusual habits?! If so, what is it?
Even if they did, I wouldn’t say. They are all a lovely bunch though. Although that guy waving his arms around in front of us whilst we’re trying to sing can be pretty off putting!

Who were you, or would you be nervous to meet?
My maker!

What would your ultimate desert island disc be?
The complete works of The Sixteen!

What would you eat for your last supper?
Chicken Tikka Masala and LOADS of chocolate!

And the obligatory question…What football team do you support?!
Haven’t decided yet! I might adopt MK Dons.