Stuart Young


Stuart Young bass

What’s been a memorable Sixteen gig & why?
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral during CP10 season. Liverpool is where my roots are, so Harry and I did the pre-concert talk. My Mum, my brother and his wife and my Godmother were all in the audience. It was a very proud day for me.

What’s your favourite Sixteen recording?
The very first one I sang on was Ikon, so this has a special place in my heart. I’ve enjoyed all of the recordings that I’ve done with the Sixteen, but some of the Russian pieces on Ikon are so beautiful and contain the sonorities that appeal to my bass sensibilities!!!

What are your hobbies and interests?
I love all types of music and especially music from different cultures and countries. I try to go along to the WOMAD music festival every year to hear these musicians play live. I’m also a big fan of big symphonies with Mahler and Bruckner my faves at the moment. I enjoy cooking, swimming and watching football (see below!)

What else do you do (professionally) when not singing with The Sixteen?
I’m a Vicar Choral in St Paul’s Cathedral Choir under the direction of Andrew Carwood. I work for other freelance ensembles and I enjoy a good amount of solo work. I do a small amount of singing teaching also.

What football team do you support?
My big passion in life and one that you are born with where I come from, is Liverpool Football Club. Harry and I try to be as amicable as possible when Liverpool play Arsenal – not always easy when the result comes in!