A programme of celebratory music for the Coronation of King James II

King James II ruled from 1685 (he was crowned on April 23) to 1688, when he was removed in favour of his daughter Mary and her Protestant husband William of Orange, who ruled jointly until her death in 1694. His brief reign, however, coincided with the maturity of Henry Purcell, who penned various pieces for his coronation and welcome songs on different occasions, set here in a wider political and artistic context.


  • Purcell

    If pray’rs and tears (On the death of Charles II) Z380
    I was glad when they said unto me Z19
    If ever I more riches did desire Z544
    My heart is inditing Z30
    Hark, how the wild musicians sing Z542
    While Thirsis, wrapt in downy sleep (A Pastoral Coronation Song) Z437
    How have I stray’d, my God Z188
    Full bags, a brisk bottle Z249
    Why, why are all the muses mute? (Welcome song for King James II) Z343

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