The Sixteen stands in solidarity and support for the people of Ukraine.

Text and translation
Bozhe velykyi, yedynyi, Nam Ukrainu khrany, Voli i svitu prominniam, Ty yii osiny. Svitlom nauky i znannia Nas, ditey, prosvity, V chystii liubovi do kraiu, Ty nas, Bozhe, zrosty. Molymos’, Bozhe yedynyi, Nam Ukrainu khrany, Vsi svoi lasky y shchedroty, Ty na liud nash zverny. Dai yomu voliu, dai yomu doliu, Dai dobroho svitu, shchastia, Dai, Bozhe, narodu I mnohaia, mnohaia lita.”
(Text by Oleksandr Konynsky)

These lyrics can be roughly translated as: “Lord, O the Great and Almighty, Protect our beloved Ukraine, Bless her with freedom and light of your holy rays. With learning and knowledge enlighten Us, your children small, In love pure and everlasting Let us, O Lord, grow. We pray, O Lord Almighty, Protect our beloved Ukraine, Grant our people and country All your kindness and grace. Bless us with freedom, bless us with wisdom, Guide into kind world, Bless us, O Lord, with good fortune Forever and evermore.”
(Translation by Dmytro Shostak)

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